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Did you know that Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times per year? A lot of these changes are minor, however, Google will occasionally roll out a major algorithmic update (i.e. Google Panda or Google Penguin) which affects search results in a significant way.

Using manipulative methods to improve or increase your site’s rankings, or providing an unsatisfactory experience to your clients could cause Google to penalize your website! Penalties occur when your business’ website pings a filter or safeguard built into Google’s current algorithm.

There are two categories into which algorithmic penalties fall: Panda or Penguin. The penalties that relate to the usability of your site and site quality fall under Panda. Over-optimization penalties fall under Penguin and they only happen a few times a year – Google usually announces these updates.

Sometimes, your site may be completely removed from Google’s index. Commonly, your site may drop 10-100 positions in the search results for several keywords. Usually if your site drops only a few positions you probably did not receive a penalty.

The issue is that penalties can be issued on your site for work done on your website weeks, months or even years ago! It’s possible that something that resulted in your site ranking high several years ago could be causing your site to be penalized right now.

2 Things That Cause Google to Penalize Your Site:

  1. Content That is Not Unique/Thin/Low Value

Content that is not unique or provides little to no value to your clients could cause Google to penalize your site. For instance, you may have a lot of pages that:

    • Don’t have a lot of content
    • Only state the obvious and don’t dig deep!
    • Only exist for a specific keyword
    • Are copies of blogs from other pages on your site with no new information
  • Are taken word-for-word from other pages on the internet

2) Over-Optimization of Keywords On Your Site

If you’ve used several keywords excessively, Google may penalize you for over-using them. If you have articles or blogs that use the same keyword or keyword phrase unnaturally in the title, URL, header tag, image tags or internal links – look out! Google may be penalizing your site.

Of course it’s important to use keywords on your site, but you have to use them effectively.

Are New Domains and Sites Penalized by Google?

If you’re a new business trying to get highly ranked on Google – beware of certain black hat SEO practices! In case you’re unaware – hiring a company that does black hat SEO services HURTS your business more than it helps! Black hat SEO companies rely on automatically making several thousands of sites overnight to build backlinks in large volumes for your chosen keywords! If this process doesn’t work the first time, they will redo the thousands of automatically created sites in order to get more links!

If you have recently published a new website, it’s likely that Google isn’t promoting your site for your target keywords just for being new! If your website is in its beginning phases on Google, you’re probably in what’s called the “Google Sandbox”.

What This Means For You:

Black hat SEO services can put you in Google’s “Sandbox.” This means that any black hat SEO service or strategy you use can cause you to drop rankings and you will have to wait MONTHS before any real web traction is regained. This means that any starting strategies you have in place may not come to fruition for months and you will have the disadvantage of not being able to experiment with new strategies until you are out of the sandbox.

This waiting period helps buy time for Google’s algorithms to detect and discount your link-building ideas before it damages Google’s search results. While your site is in Google’s Sandbox, Google determines what your SEO service is doing and adjusts its algorithms to ignore all of your link’s benefits.

Why Use Latitude Park’s Services?

Because we’re the best! But in all seriousness we utilize content and link building strategies to keep you out of the Sandbox! We are a 100% white hat SEO company that will optimize your website’s on page presence to rank higher in Google. Our methods conquer the technical aspects of your website’s seo value and ensure that it is entirely optimized for Google’s algorithms.