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The Importance of Great Online Reviews

Great businesses have great online reviews, and it’s important to have customer feedback in order for your company to succeed.

Online reviews can make or break your business. A recent study revealed that 67% of customers are influenced by online reviews, meaning that a single negative comment can significantly deter potential customers.

On the flipside, positive reviews can boost your profit. In fact 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review, which 88% consider just as influential as a personal recommendation. Thus, having great reviews on your website can not only boost sales but increase how much people trust your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how online reviews impact your business, follow along! These facts are bound to affect the way you conduct your company forever.

1. It Starts With Online Reviews

Nine out of ten people who visit commercial websites will read their reviews before even visiting the business or their website. This is an incredibly powerful statistic because it shows that opinions are valued more than first impressions.

Having a clean and positive internet presence can thus be argued to be more important than having an appealing store, a fancy website, or any other shopping incentives.

2. Strive for Excellence

Customers are also likely to spend significantly more money if the products or business are described as ‘excellent’, 31% more to be exact. It may be smart to place these types of reviews at the top of the reviews list for each product your company makes.

This will not only increase how much new customers trust your products, but it will also increase their interest and trust in others.

3. Don’t Go for Perfect

A perfect five-star rating may sound great, but in reality, customers usually believe something fishy may be going on if a company has perfect, 5-star reviews all around. Having some outliers in your reviewers can actually be beneficial.

A study showed that having a rating between 4.2 and 4.5 was actually more beneficial than having a five-star rating. These numbers reassure customers by confirming that the reviews are authentic and not fabricated or bought by the company.

4. Expressing Concern

Having negative reviews on your website is both good and bad. However, it’s how you interact with the negative feedback that most counts.

Responding to negative online reviews with actual concern and an attempt to a solution can build more trust in the company and create a comfortable community in which customers trust you to respond to their concerns. People like responsive companies that care about their customers.

This is also a chance to show your customers what you value. Interacting with them will ensure they understand that they are valued just as much as any other part of your business, building trust.

5. Build a Database

Amassing large amounts of reviews can be great for your company. In fact, products that get more than 50 reviews tend to have better than average scores. Bad reviews can be offset by good ones as long as people are interacting with your product and incentivized to review it.

6. Organizing Reviews

Most people will spend their time reading anywhere between 4 and 10 reviews before making their mind up on a project. This gives you, at most, about 10 attempts to get their attention.

Feeding back to other points on this list, if you are automatically sorting reviews based on date, make sure the newest negative reviews have been addressed and resolved and that you have thanked the people that have reviewed your products positively.

If you are sorting them based on overall score, make sure you create an option to sort it differently. Customers may find it suspicious if reviews are listed based on rating and they cannot adjust the list based on any other parameters (and thus can’t read the negative reviews).

7. Don’t Ignore Google Reviews

Most customers will read reviews before even visiting your store or website. The way most people do this is by googling your company and reading the google reviews posted.

It’s important to interact with these reviews as well. Show support for those who support you and concern for those that had negative experiences. Offer to make their experience better by offering solutions. This is what customers expect from companies with great reviews.

8. Know How to Play the SEO Game

Before customers can read the reviews about your company, they have to know you exist. In order to appear high up on search engine result lists, you need to know how to incorporate Search Engine Optimization tools.

These tools will allow your business to become more discoverable and increase overall engagement. There are tons of tips and tricks out there to start the process, but if you really want to boost sales and attract more attention, hire a professional who will be able to meet these needs.

9. Yelp Yelp Yelp

With this website, and it’s equivalent app, making a rise in the last few years, it’s important to know how your business stands in that model. Make sure to visit the Yelp page of your business frequently to not only address concerns but also to find areas for improvement.

On average, a one-star increase in your Yelp review can boost your business’s revenue between 5 and 9 percent! A negative Yelp review can cost you approximately 30 customers. Engage with these negative reviews just as you would through any other platform to ensure your customers know your dedication to making them happy and satisfied with your product.

Wrapping Up

Negative online reviews can really hurt your business. A single one, on one platform, can cost you a significant amount of customers. Others can lead to customers spending less money on your website and trusting your brand less.

Knowing the impact good online reviews can have on your sales will not only increase your revenue, but it will make your business better as a whole. Understanding how to deal with negative reviews and responding to them in a positive and effective manner can be even more influential than having perfect, 5-star reviews.

So what are you waiting for? Check all your platforms and begin accepting the negative feedback you’ve received by turning it into a business-boosting opportunity.