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Lead Generation

Latitude Park has a large partner base that generates targeted, opt-in leads from various campaigns distributed and displayed on the internet. Every lead follows the Canned Spam Act guidelines by requiring that all lead information obtained has track back data on how the lead was acquired, which marketing campaign or website the lead was generated from, time/date stamp and user IP address. Every campaign we deploy is run against suppression list data and individual campaign opt out data. We follow these strict guidelines to assure that our clients our safe from being targeted as a spammer or falling under any black list category.

Performance Based Marketing

Latitude Park is a specialist in performance based marketing. We build custom email campaigns to facilitate awareness, sales or leads.

Our performance based opt-in email marketing model which includes CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPS (Cost Per Sale) take the peril out of internet advertising.

List Management

Latitude Park has been a leader in list management and optimization services since our inception. We specialize in management of all genres of data in an online and offline form.

For our list owners we create both additional awareness for the brand and supplementary revenues with the use of our clients and marketing partners.

Creative Design

Exciting and intriguing creative moves your customers to take action. We create the elements to incite and make your audience react. Our skills in creative design have been gained not only by experience but proven techniques placed to work day after day.

Latitude Parks creative group takes time to learn about your business and target audience; with that knowledge in hand we use our creative minds to produce your email marketing campaign.

product development

“Great ideas made easy.” A core part of Latitude Park has been building ideas into reality and creating successful online ventures. Our history of achievement in internet marketing helps build brands, generate sales and maintain customer bases.