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7 Ways A Media Release Can Benefit Your Business

It’s the age of the internet, and the media release is still an important tool to consider. Read how these releases are still essential to growing your business

Everyone has the ability to get their news out via social media, so where is the business value in distributing an old-fashioned media release? It’s expensive to post something on the wire, or pay someone to pitch your story to newspapers and TV the old-fashioned way.

However, a media release still has many important benefits which will get you noticed in the cluttered media landscape. Check out these seven ways that a media release can help you grow your business.

1. Press Releases Are an Important Part of a Communication Strategy

Sure, a media release is no longer the only way to announce your company’s news. However, a well thought out media strategy will include a press release because it can complement your other methods of outreach.

If you craft targeted, compelling message, they can be utilized across many platforms: content marketing or blogs, press releases, web copy and tweets.

Include a press release in your communications arsenal. It will promote your brand to your audience and ensure that your goods or services receive the kind of positive attention you want.

2. The Press Still Commands Authority

While marketers are savvier than ever nowadays, so are audiences. Consumers know that sponsoring companies create social media posts and pop up ads; they are likely to suspect that these communications do not tell the “whole truth.”

A story in the newspaper or on TV still carries the weight of an objective third party. When we read a story in the Washington Post that mentions a product, we assume those reporters have done their homework and that the product does what they say it does.

Press still reaches a much wider audience than even te most followed Twitter accounts. A positive mention of your company will live on that publication’s website, giving you high visibility for a significant amount of time.

3. A Media Release Can Boost SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of helping search engines like Google find, match, index, and rank your content.

If you draft a press release using well-chosen keywords, your product will rank favorably for that phrase. That means that people looking for what you offer will be able to find you quickly.

When people ask the search engines for the answer to their problem, a well-written media release for your product should pop up.

You can also include infographics, photos, and video in your press release to further improve your SEO rankings.

4. Good Press Has Internal Value As Well

Don’t overlook the internal value of distributing a press release. Send out the news if one of your employees has received an award, or if an industry association has recognized your product.

Your employees will love to see news about your company’s great sales records in the newspaper or online.

When you distribute a press release about your company’s positive attributes, you will boost internal morale. You will show your staff and executives that you value their contributions. They will be excited to show their families their photo in the paper, or a story about where they work.

And a happy workforce is beneficial for the bottom line.

5. Sometimes the Law Requires it

If you run a publicly traded company, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that you must periodically make certain disclosures. This law is based on the policy that shareholders and the markets be informed about public companies through information provided on a regular basis and in a transparent manner.

Distributing a press release through a widely disseminated news or wire service fulfils Regulation FD’s “public disclosure” requirement.

Quarterly earnings may need to be disclosed, in addition to significant events which may affect the company’s value like the departure of the CEO.

Check with your General Counsel to make sure you are using press releases appropriately if you are a publicly traded company.

6. Well Written Releases Can Stay High on Google Searches for a Long Time

If you write a compelling news release with a great hook, carefully chosen keywords and substantive information, you may be surprised at how long that piece will stay relevant and visible in searches.

The best press releases have an evergreen quality: they come up again and again. They will even pop up years after the initial release, so long as they have a direct connection to the questions your audience is asking.

While posting a release on PR Newswire, BusinessWire or other service may entail some expense, that investment may pay off over time. If people who seek what you offer continue to find you online because of a well-executed media release, the money you paid will be worth it!

7. Some Content Still Can’t Be Summarized in 28 Characters

Sometimes you have a story to tell which cannot be summarised in a single Tweet.

Scientific studies, legal arguments or economic analyses are just some of the kinds of content that need a wider platform than that provided by typical social media.

Crisis communications are another instance when you may desire the length of a press release instead of a shorter social media post. If you need to explain a recalled product or the departure of a high-level executive, you want to present the full story.

A news release can include quotes from authoritative experts, statistics and other data to support your position. Reporters following the story will use the official statements.

When you want to have control over your message and when you need more space to fully explain your company’s position, a press release will allow you to present your side more completely.

Alert the Media: There is Still Value in PR

Sure, you can post laudatory comments written by your marketing staff on social media, but if you want to get your company’s news out there effectively, you need to include PR in your outreach plan.

If you have questions about how to integrate new and traditional media to promote your goods or services, contact us. We can help you get your news to the audience that cares.