“I put a spell on you”

Latitude Park has quickly become known as an innovative design studio. We provide a complete range of design services. Our team creates a clean, sharp and contemporary design with an emphasis on its visual appeal. We work with a diverse client base from both the public and private sector.

A conversation about identity and branding often starts with the logo. But, a brand is more than just a logo. It touches all aspects of a business, from visual Identity, to market positioning, to uses of technology. Strong brands command premium prices. They create customer loyalty. And they are easily distinguished from bland, unfocused competitors.

To the uninitiated, indentity may seem like marketplace mysticism. But, it’s really just the study of how people make buying decisions. What’s interesting is that the stated reasons are often not the REAL reasons. Buying isn’t rational. Branding theory and practice get past the obvious factors, into the realm of color, emotional message, and memory.

The central tenet of branding strategy could be: “purchasing decisions don’t happen in the marketplace. They happen in the mind.” So, branding is a way of gaining “mindshare,” which leads to marketshare.